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A Spectator is the role of the sole ghost watching the adventure of his favorite reality show.

Able to cross paths around the universe to watch the show he most desires.

But what happens if the ghost sees something interesting.

Something so interesting that it spikes his emotions (anger, happinis, sadness).

If this happens the ghost let's behind a part of him.

A pure form of his emotions, able to change the environment around it.

The Spectator is the role of every supporter of Arechnocadia.

beings of pure bliss often guiding the hero to his better future. Or just watching his favorite tv drama and letting a nice comment behind.

As a being of pure nothingness it's often described:

As not being able to be seen or touched.

But it's often said that they can be felt.

Every comment representing you outlash of happiness or anger.

Making us know we have forces behind only gods could see.

If you want to support the project try joining our Patreon as a spectator to gain access to the role of the spectator.


An Arachne a worker bee you could say.

Working for the ultimate goal of the hive.

To create the dream, they always wished for.

In Arechnocadia an Arachne is the worker behind the veil.

Pulling the strings to create their masterpiece.

Not being able to interfere directly in their most beloved story, they forced to work behind the scene. 

So that the story they are forced to watch, can become the Story they always dreamed of.

As an Arachne you are "forced" to work on you dream story.

Without inputting to much of yourself or imagining yourself into it.

Being "forced" by Arechnocadia, an Arachne is limited by the imagination and rules of Arechnodia.

To create a story bound by the rules of the Universe.


To appease the mighty gods, that your story has the minimum of following to not be doomed by the abyss prison of Hiatus stories.

To never be seen again.

For short an Arachne is an apprentices of Arechnocadia,

being learned in the arts of Arechnocadia.

Becoming Learned creators able to create their own Project in the Future.



The Player a being often seen in the wild.

Be it the Player on the stage.

The player behind the monitor.

Or just the player of music.

We at Arechnocadia see a player as a full fledged member of Arechnocadia.

As someone who wants to change things.

Or make an impact in Arechnocadia itself.

But the player doesn't want to create or often doesn't have the ability to create a project out of his passion or that he desires.

So Arechnocadia gives them an opportunity to play a role, without needing any prior knowledge.

Only interest and the determination to make a decision if its needed.

As a Player you are a member of Arechnocadia, that means that you gain access to our Beta Project as to early access to other stuff, which is work in progress.

There is also a chance that you get chosen.

The chosen a being that had gained the interest of the gini or arachne.


A gini short for genie is a being of nothingness and endless power.

Shackled by the minds of his environment to create works to appease the ruler of his home.

You an enslaved gini try to free yourself from the shackles to become something of unlimited power.

Unlimited Power meaning, being able to make you dream come true.

And we at Arechnocadia will help you at that.

As an Gini you become a staff member of Arechnocadia.

Someone working directly under the Arechnocadia, as the rules read you thereby gain access to create your own Project.

Working directly on fulfilling your dream, while in the meantime help others fulfill theirs too.

A gini is thereby sentenced as a Manager of a Project and is allowed to work on his own Project in his free time with the resources given by Arechnocadia.

In short a gini plays the role of a manager learning to help others and thereby learning on how to improve by yourself.

It's simple said: if an Arachne is an apprentices than the Gini is the manager.


community member

You enjoy our Project and just want the positive vibes of our Community.

Or you are shy and don't trust yourself the burden of being in a role?

Than becoming a community member is perfect for you.

No Pressure by working on a Projects.

No need for a decision only pure motivation and positivity from our community, as we are often not the heroes we dream off.

Sometimes we need time to grow.

So don't try to force yourself to become something you don't aspire to be.

You can just chill in our discord and give your beef over our Discussion channels if needed.

This is the role for everyone who doesn't want to commit but still wants to take part in it.