a way to fuel the dreamers in there dreaming.
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How to.

Join, our discord to get direct access to us. or wait for it to grow enough.


A output is shown in every circle of Arechnocadia.

Its something we give out to others or stuff which is created from this topic.

A output would be here shown what the company can do and on what it specializes to gain.

The cycle of Arechnocadia C.

There are 3 Factors you need to consider.


The teacher Role.

A Teacher in Arechnocadia can be almost anyone.

It’s the base on which others learn new stuff. 

Which for one was obvious or easy. Is for others unknown or difficult.

Sharing your thought and idea to others to compare or learn from.

That’s the teacher way.

The Teacher Role will be based on a simple principle.


Take YouTube.

Now on this platform many people go to search for education in certain topics.


How they find them or search them is specific to the person.


But there every person who has uploaded, became a teacher for someone. 


The Student Role.

Is available to everyone, as being a student is always true.

As a student learn and nobody ever stops learning.

The student is the Role of somebody who learns new topics or educates themself on higher tiers of that topic.

It’s something everybody does Based around the principle of research and education.

The student role is the one everything involves around.

The teachers teach the student their ways, so the student can adapt these teaching and make their own work.

The Customer buy from the students, so there is a large choosing ground, but also a challenge with opportunities to perfect there crafts.


The customer Role.

A Customer is someone who wants something but does not want to learn the topic.

Take for example how you want a house, but you don't build it instead you buy the builders and tell them to build you your dream house.

The same is reflected in this role.

Everytime someone wants something. For there dreams and other stuff they, take this role on.

The Customer is the essential basis of resources and opportunities for many.

Its the role which encourages student to learn adapt and overcome.

And it helps teacher, by showing that there teaching is used for the things Arechnocadia advertises them to be used for.

How does it all work around?

This cycle is selfworking.

It can go infinitely with out any intake from us.


Its a cycle of infinite scaling, as all factors boost each other.


To secure everything.

Measure must be taken.

a certificate of there knowledge.

A profile of there work.

A test on there achievements. 

Freedom of there workings.

Knowledge of no staple role, as they can be ever exchangeable or switched.

and many more as it grows.


To certify ones knowledge and achievements.

If you think your knowledge is unique, then you only need to show your knowledge against the upper category of your topic.

If yours is not unique or unknown. Then the normal routine will come.

A test will be held at specific time, in which you can show your achievements in that topic. Getting certified from Arechnocadia.

This will than be shown on your Profile, for others to find. Able to climb the board in you skill.


Those role and factors will be shown in every output of Arechnocadia Company.

Its the essential behind our work and how it will proceed in the future. 

The Future mindset is that there will be a Website from which one can be teached and teach to others.

Where one can learn new topics and be certified in there work.

Where one can search for Work in there favorite topic.

And where one can be found and polished  until they have perfected there craft.

specific information

The Future plans of our output.

There is a demo on our Community channel. (role only)

And the full version will be a website for everyone


The demo version is a specific Role version. To test how it will work out and what will happen.

It will be the inclusive servers in, which we preshow some things test them with our community until going live with it.

The demo will slowly grow, but will always hold the basics for, teacher, Student and customer.

If you want to check it out, visit our Community channel and become a member of Arechnocadia.

Full version

Players are ... things you could call them.


They show up out of nowhere and try to rule the world so it says.


But often they experience the hardness of their decision in ways never seen before.


Trying to walk the path of something more than just a puppet, but an living breathing thing.


So they walk around searching for their destiny.


The Arachne is a weird species. Living in the universel web. Bored out of its mind.


So to relief that boredom, it sometimes intervenes in storys or worlds. To create something interesting for it to watch.

Arachne under the order of Arechnocadia a special bunch under the arachne specie.

More active and thoughtful.


Creating a story for more than just entertainment.

As they watch their creation with passionate eyes grow up.