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Role Introduction

To our Community a more detailed view to your chosen roles

Role Introcution

How our Roles show in our Community



Oh, the Arachne’s.

They are a weird Bunch.

They seek Dreams and Fantasy but are often limited by their Environment.

They go by as Words and Names you often hear, but never remember.

They seek a World of there own to show there worth, to staple their idea.

You find them as event managers, Content creators, Entertainers, actors, leaders.

They often seek the drill of being remembered but lack the point to be remembered.

You see them in many parts of Live.

Maybe the friend you have who always invites you to parties.

An idol you have who often appears in your daily lives.

A part of yourself who screams to be let free.

They can be seen everywhere hidden behind their shadows.

There are the special kind who make the world look brighter.

Its funny how I describe them and how I depicture them.

Coming to the Topic of an Arachne.

They are the Part of this Community who create the challenges and world we live in.

The decide how they want to see and then invite us to see with them.

They are the part who curdle this thing together.

They are the parts I love to see.

People who came out of there shell to present themselves to the world.

With new ideals and perspectives on this oh so blue and green world.

Coming with those beautiful and complex webs they design.

Showing them of to the World on how they catch ideas and designs.

Which often plague so many.

Only to be stomped on by the giant behemoths who live around them.

Stumped and sad they find themselves in their shells again.

I imagine Arachne’s as Spiders creating complex webs, catching things I never dreamed would be there.

In a way they are the outsiders and insiders in this Operation.

Coming to the complex parts.

Arachne are the part of the community who create the designs for Projects and often take part of the Player.

They create their webs and catch followers, members, spectators and players alike.

Complex webs of story and world building.


A Player is an active part of the Community.

Taking part in projects or events Arechnocadia sometimes does.

They take part in something and often want to leave behind a legacy.

They are tactful and know what they are doing.

Often you find them in a Group of five going around a World created to entertain them.

They Find themselves in situation they often thought about, but never knew how to solve.

A Player is someone you find in chats for help, or someone you play with.

From games to stories to Friendship they are always online and active, ready for anything.

This Role and part of Arechnocadia is build around the generic description of a player.

They will be found in every Project.

Sometimes more and some less.

You often find them borrowed by Arachne, who try to challenge their World.

By giving it Players who are a random variable in their controlled Environment.

They are the part who challenge and test the things who are already created.

In real life you see them as beta tester, Speedruners, Trophy hunters, glitch finders and many more.

Everybody can become a Player but not everybody wants to be one.

Every Player comes with responsibilities, there every action will follow them,

For Starters Players are the first who gain access to the ID part of Arechnocadia, which is the part which represents them in Arechnocadias Virtual world.

Every ID is special and will not be given twice.

When one joins one becomes part of Arechnocadia, able to be remembered for every.

Or forgotten for eternity.

P.S. A Legacy is still possible.


The Gini simple but also illogical.

Why would you lead something, in which you take no part in?

Often you take the lead if you already see a Future for it, better called a path.

They lead them down to the Path they already see.

Its common for them to lead giant clusters of people down a road they are familiar with.

Maybe a company manger or a Project manager.

Always something to manage.

They come in many forms and sizes.

Prepared for every situation you put them in.

Or that’s what they want you to believe in.

Many of them are often as clueless as you, but with enough motivation everything is possible.

They are the Part of the community who manage certain topics and Project, keeping care of the ones under it.

One might say the Perfect leader, but we all know a perfect leader doesn’t exist only a perfect leader for the situation we are in.

But as situation changes so does the Gini.

Once it was just one of many, only when its power showed did, it become special.

One that becomes a leader is often seen as someone special.

So are the Gini in our community.

They manage this shithole, working on the basis they are familiar with.

one comes up with an idea and a Gini comes with the action.

The ones who start new Projects and lead a new idea are also the ones who manage those who are in the Projects.

A Gini is all Powerful but also limited by many rules.

and more

community member

A community member a simple part in this giant clock which is Arechnocadia.

A community member is simply explained they are those who have not decided on a role or have not had the chance to choose.

They are a core part of Arechnocadia, one might say the seeds which we spread.

They are filled with ideas and potentials but have not had the chance to make them come true.

A community member always starts as a follower.

Following certain Topics, Projects or characters.

A Follower is identified as anyone who follows Arechnocadia and its Projects.

Qualifying as a community member are those who have joined the community.

Arechnocadia community is hosted on Discord with its one server and channels.

There one can chat and talk often even finding the creators of their Stories and Project.

It’s a place to meet and greet, where one can find opportunities and chances.

Don’t shy its free and relatively simple to join.

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