Now what is it ???

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It is many things, but to you its a Mothercompany.

With 5 daughter Companies and the CHOIR Principle

to guide its way.

Now thats not all.


Arechnocadia is a...


Arechnocadia provides an ecosystem for its 5 daughter Companies, to work efficiently together.

With System and complete knowledge of the CHOIR Principle, it can work to help, but also provide guidance in them.

Thereby becoming able to invest and help new Startups and people with potential to grow in a more efficient and fun way, than any other investor could provide.

Now This ecosystem, does not only allow for efficiency in its works, but also gives a new outlook on what a Company eco System could provide to a Community and their Creators.

From Companies, to Freelancers, to creators, to individuals.


Show your worth and receive your Role.

a passion Project

Ofcourse, it always has been a passion Project, since the time my mother struggled to try to be on her own 2 Feets and for real to become independet.

To my Grandmother still trying to sell a book, which was falsely categoriezed and thereby never rly sold in the market.

What a funny Story to live in, always seeing people struggle to become independent and work on their own.

Why is it even so difficult?

Like shouldn't there be an easier way to do it?

Like, why is there a saying with. Only those who came that faar deserve the funding???

Like the idea and you trying should be enough to start it??? 

a vision

Now the vision behind all of this:

Is not a Startup.

Or a Mothercompany.

Or a passion project.

No, it's to help people make their dreams come true.


The vision itself will always be Arechnocadia. 


What you see right now is just the embodiment of that vision. 

The idea behind the vision is to provide an enviroment, which is able to help you work on your vision.

With everything provided to start of their vision or start working on it.

Just imagine a place you can go, which just gives you the resources and funding to just work on the idea and see if it is possible, while like minded people, helping you through your journey.

Galaxy (2).png

Arechnocadia ecosystem?

The Arechnocadia Ecosystem

History of Arechnocadia


Everything to Arechnocadia is documented.

Anything you do in Arechnocadia, from the 5 daughter Companies, products or Projects, has impact into the Lore of Arechnocadia.


Arechnocadia, has a Omniverse, in which the Arechnocadia Roles have impact in.

Therby everything done with or on Arechnocadia is a coin, with 2 sides. One in the real World and the other in the Omniverse. (Omniverse=Lore)

Both have impact on each other and therby does the works of Arechnocadia.

Like how there are events in a Game, so does arechnocadia have its own Events.

Worldwide Roleplay


There are 2 Sides to everything:

The business Side, with work and pay,

The Lore Side, with fun and play.

Both are connected deeply and thereby you need to use them in that way.

You become your Role and so does your Role become you.

One and the same. You act as your Role would need you to, but only if the one is a part of the Role pyramid.

The Role pyramid provides a guidance of your achievements and shows everyone on which skill level you are. The Higher you are, the more preferable you will be treated.


Just on how there are black vip credit cards, so are there the Roles of Arechnocadia.

Supporter Roles do count, but are limited by time and quantity.

Arechnocadia currency


Arechnocadia is a vision and as a vision it does not quite have a body.

So to fix any problems of its future.

We decided to give it its own currency.

A way to play your Role, while not having to connect it with your business side.

It acts like those wooden coins you gain, when you play in those medieval festivals.

While also having worth of transactions inside of Arechnocadia, from Products, to help, to more.

Outside of Arechnocadia it acts less and less like a currency. Worth only being there if traded inside of Arechnocadia.

Let's just hope it does not transcend world wide currency worth :3 

Arechnocadia and dreams?

Arechnocadia help people accomplish something, which they alone couldn’t do that easily.

Now some of you may not want to go onto this difficult journey on your own and that’s where Arechnocadia comes into play.


Arechnocadias' goal

Is to make peoples dreams come true.


By giving them access to:

a Community,




and History,

which are all Supported by the:

CHOIR  Principles

(Connections, History, Opportunities, Information and Resources).

The CHOIR Principles enables everyone the chance to make their dreams a reality.


We at Arechnocadia provide:

a Platform on which you can check up on to get help,





but we also provide a

Simulation Systems 

able to help you out on that one Section/Principle.


Simulation System

Simulation Systems do not only help you through:



and guides, but it’s also

a completely Community Run Environment,


that means not only are you able to team up with different content creators and minds alike,


but you are also able to grow with the Community behind it and the skills and knowledge it can provide.