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Now... What the FUCK???

Join, our discord to get direct access to us. or wait for it to grow enough.

Arechnocadia Family

It houses many things, but to you its a Family.

With 5 Factions and the CHOIR Principle

to guide its way


Arechnocadia is a...

Galaxy (2).png


Arechnocadia itself is a

non-profit Mothercompany.


With 1 Focus lieng on its Factions

able to provide them with:

1. a ecosystem to thrieve

2. Investment to grow

3. a new outlook, with the CHOIR

The Other focus lieng on its Family:

able to provide them with:

1. guidance

2. knowledge

3. a Faction to thrieve in

for more thoughts

a passion Project

Arechnocadia was always a Passion Project.

With the thought of

why being independent is so difficult?

1. does it even have to be so Difficult

2. Shouldn't there be an easier way

3. shouldn't the simple idea of trying,
    be enough to start it

Created with a Side of passion:

1. seing others grow

2. seing them work on their own 

3. while not having to be included


a vision

The Vision itself was never about the concept you see today.

No Its focus always was and will be:

1. To help others on their vision

2. To provide a enviroment able to help

3. To provide everything need to start
    or work on that vision

With a side of:

1. Fun

2. new Perspectives

3. The Omniverse

more thoughts on the topic

Arechnocadia ecosystem

Arechnocadia ecosystem?

Arechnocadia Lore


The Arechnocadia Omniverse,

is a Story consitently written,

by its users and their creations.

It documents everything about and to Arechnocadia.

The 3 Documentation Styles:

1. Path Users and their Creations

2. Factions and their Creations

3. growth and changes of Arechnocadia

It's like a 2 sided Coin, with one impact on you and the other on Arechnocadia itself.

Worldwide Roleplay


There are 2 Sides to everything.

The business Side:

1. working

2. paying some bills

Everything arround your career.

The Lore Side:

1. having fun

2. playing games

everything arround you having fun.

Both Sides  are connected deeply, as you slowy start to understand your path and impact into it.

Arechnocadia currency


To set a barrier between those 2 sides,

business and Lore.

We at Arechnocadia created a currency:

1. Play your Path

2. Not connect with real currency

3. only worth is inside of Arechnocadia

This allows for a fun experience, disconnected from real currency.

Able to create a Market for Products, help and more, while not having actual worth priced to avoid outside factors. 

Arechnocadia and Dreams

Arechnocadia and dreams?

How do we contribute to your dream?

Pyramid System

Is the internal business system on how most of the money is handled by:

25% Founder (Mikoschele)

To make sure everything progresses fluently.

25% Promoter (Family, etc.)

In the Path mentioned, 25% will be given to a Person/Project/... of your choosing.

50% Teams (Arechnocadia)

1. Cost of the non-profit company.

2. investment outside your choosing.

3. budget for Investments/Projects/...

Arechnocadia Family

The Arechnocadia Family provides:

a Platform on which you can check up on to get helpsupportInformation,

inspiration, motivation,

5 Step Sisters able to help you out on your Journey, guided by the CHOIR Principle.

but we also provide a trial version of the:

Simulation Systems, 

which are able to help you out on that one Section/Principle.


If you are intersted in joining the Family we recommend checking out:

How to Start

Simulation System

The system behind our Daughter Companies do not only help you through:



and guides, but it’s also

a completely Community Run Environment,


that means not only are you able to team up with different content creators and minds alike,


but you are also able to grow with the Community behind it and the skills and knowledge it can provide.

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