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give your Stories a home

Level up

Yout skillset in creating
Stories and Projects
Start with a Character
and end up with a




Stories are everywhere, but they are mostly shared trough media, from books, to shows, to movies, to word of mouth.
So what will your Story
adaption be?


Your Creations with others.
And collaborate trough Stories and more.
Start with just yourself
and end up with a


A Collaborative Worldbuilding Systen cabable of expanding the Impact you have on your Projects, trough Storytelling.

Level 1

Just watching your favorite Creators, supporting them from the sidelines and enjoying their content.

Character creation:
Creating your OC to joining a Group and letting it lose on the World and it's Factions.

Level 2

Level 3

Faction Creation:
Creating your own Faction, with OC's and Npc's in a unique World and Universe.

World Creation:
Creating your own World,
with it's Factions and Characters in a unique universe and galaxy. 

Level 4

Level 5

Universe Creation:
Creating your own Universe
with it's galaxies and worlds in a unique Omniverse and Multiverse.

All these steps are there to help you expand the impact you can have on your Projects.
Showcasing it through Storytelling


Omniverse is there to help you in creating Stories cabable of Collaboration and Mystery.



Mystery stands for the Fact that you will never be able to know everything.

The Omniverse is designed to keep facts away from you so you can be able to theorize your own interpretation of it. Rules, Lore, History and more.

Allowing for creative freedome in every Story, while keeping everything consitent. With it's basic System to categorise your Stories.

Collaboration is possible because every Story is created in our Omniverse.

The Omniverse is connected trough Stories and every Story starts in a World, every World Starts in a Universe and every universe starts in our Omniverse.

This connection allows for collboration.
between any Story, but mostly between those in the same
Faction, World, Galaxy, Universe.


Omniverse is there to help you in creating Projects based on Fantasy

coming soon...

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