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Image by Brett Jordan


Connection principle


Questions to "Community" the daughter Company of Arechnocadia.


It’s an online community center, with game like elements to help make meaningful connections.


it also acts as a home for any Dreamer.

 With a community filled with Dreamers.

All here to help each other.

So, they themselves can be lifted.

 A work like environment in which one does not simply give up on each other.


Dreamers go with the principle of caring is sharing.

Simulation System?

Lets Start with the Simulation.

The Simulation focuses on the Company Name,

here "Community"

That menas it simulates a Community Environment.

Next we take the System.

For it we focus on the CHOIR Principle

it represents

here "connection".

That means it focuses on a System able to help you make "Connections" 

Where is it?

It is currently situated on the official Discord Server.

You can also check out:

A Guide on how to navigate our Discord Server.

How does it work?

If something is underlined you can click on it.

Top left to our Name is the Menu.

Blue button is to be clicked for more Information.

This site is the Portfolio of Arechnocadia so check out  everything. To find out more about us.

Problems on how to navigate our Site?

Check out:

The quick Guide

The indepth Guide


about us


Arechnocadia in core is a community based Project. 

In concept Communities help people and inspire them.

Arechnocadia is taking it one step further, by combining communities with their creator. 

Giving them access to the possibility of making their dreams come true.

A Community inspires to be something which can represent a Project. But in itself it is not the Project.

How to be Part of the Community?

You can Join us on our Discord.


Or follow our examples.

Arechnocadia aspires to inspire people.

Giving them a helping hand even if it’s not needed.

(You can do it on your own, but who says you must.)

Detailed Dive into the explanation of our Community check out:

Community Introduction | Arechnocadia

To find out more about our current Supporting Roles:

Supporting Roles | Arechnocadia

If you are interested, you might even find out how the Supporting Roles are connected to the Lore of Arechnocadia:

deeper connections? | Arechnocadia

Image by Shane Rounce