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Arechnocadia roots

how we started

Our Roots

The start


the beginning

Arechnocadia started like every thing.

With an idea.

And it further developed with inspiration.

The first idea of Arechnocadia.

Was to be a game able to fuse a creator with its community.

But at the begging of it all.

Was a Person.

He wished to drown his sorrows in entertainment.

Till live gave him the middle finger and it stopped.

At that moment the Person understood that he needed to change his live to the better.

He stopped the flow of entertainment.

Tried to focus only on his goal.

And remembered what his dream as child always was.

To make a game in which people can have as much fun as he had with his first game.

A platform to meet and greet.

An environment able to boost you.

Something in which he can be remembered from.

the procces

Trying to make a dream come true.

Is not as easy as it firstly is thought.

Arechnocadia itself came over many hurdles to be even started.

from learning on how to write a story.

To understanding what you rly want to do with this.

Do you want it to be a simple book or do you want to make it special.

Like a piece of art one could only dream of.

how far can you go without going over the boundary.

What are the limits this Project can achieve.

If you like something you put your whole heart into it.

And that's what you did.

Building from only the concept and holding true to the red string you gave myself.

And it went from their.

A website.

A project

A company.

A community.

A dream.

All from the boredom of seeing something which you have already seen multiple times before.

the start

The idea of Arechnocadia itself was never their.

The concept developed over time.

From a simple Story with features to adopt other pieces of media.

To an hub of Information for communities to make their dream come true.

But at the start it was only a Project called Arechnocadia.

Or better said Arachnocadia.

The idea was that you don't need to lie to yourself to gain interest to certain topics (school).

Instead you could just see topics from a different perspective.

In a way in which one could find them interesting


The idea was just:

Oh biologie yea kinda cool, but how does mutation play a role in animals and how do i recreate this function into my story?

And from their it spiraled out of control.

LIke the sin gluttony, It just wanted to take everything in.

And from their it became an never ending cycle.

Of positivity, motivation and thoughts i would never dream of.

That subject their, how do i integrate it in arechnocadia?

Oh that dream i had how would it be recreated in Arechnocadia.

the result

Working on Arechnocadia in broader spectrum rly opened my eyes.

from video media.

How to record a functional video.

How to edit this video.

How to upload the video.

Many mistakes came in, but I learned from them.

Every video i made become greater than the video before, but that was only simple editing of an recording.

Taking a video was something else entirely.

How do i start the recording?

What do i speak about in this shot?

Just myself sitting down and speaking opened the door i never opened before.

And i just spook.

It went on for many hours just recording a video.

After time i started to understand the concept behind it and i began to pin them down.

But just making videos and uploading it wasn't everything i did.

From creating a website to establishing a place for the community to stay.

Working on these thing, refined the idea behind Arechnocadia. I didn't think was possible, but it showed me that Arechnocadia wasn't just an idea, but an concept.

A concept of an community aspiring to make dreams come true.

and more

ever growing since then

What you now see.

Is not the same as i see now.

As Arechnocadia will further strive and grow.

Outgrowing its older days.

In a way ever changing.

What Arechnocadia could become is not even for me to see.

As i'm writing it right now there is nothing more than me.

And the Idea and concept of Arechnocadia.

But as you read this now.

Than you should notice that Arechnocadia is already out their.

A bird trying to fly but being suppressed by its older kind.

I would like to say.

But i know better.

Creating something like this has consequences i couldn't even dream or imagine of.

Like a Child taking its first step outside his mind.

Giving People the opportunity to make their dreams come true.

Is something we all should strive to.

But as Ideas are sometimes.

We only dream of them.

But never take the first step.

Try to take your first step. Join our Community

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