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Community Introduction

Arechnocadias core

What's behind our Community?

Arechnocadias bread and butter...


a gift

Our Community is a Gift.

As it is build around the positive mind site a Community could have.

The principle of sharing and helping each other out.

Normally one would those kind of things categories in certain segments in which one can get help.

But this Community aspires to help people in every problem they could face.

Building around a real community of People, which boned together over time and trials.

Creating a positive mindset to work from which can help inspire other members to work for or to keep working on.

It will never be Perfect, but nothing will ever be perfect anyway.

To build around the principle of a gift and not a chore to be.


a place to meet and greet

As every Community has.

A place to meet and greet new people.

Not just any People, but people who share the same interests as you.

Who can be your friends or your arch nemesis.

One can find a bunch of people and opportunities, but grasping them is often difficult.

It's easier to connect with someone if both of them share a common interest in something.

Being able to go from there is much easier and less difficult as starting from scratch.

You just need to trust yourself and try that shit out.

Take your favorite past time activity to hobbies or shows you liked.

Anything can be a conversation starter and it can much easier be if the starter is already started and you have content to share about it.

Just take that step and try it our.

One plus side one can enjoy in our community is the principle of trust and security.

This community is build around a base everyone shares and that is to make ones dream come true.


The chance of somebody talking to you and not helping in your immediate goals are less likely and the chance of meeting nice people much easier.


As the environment is not shared around competition, but a simple core which can shared and achieved together.


This principle alone should help create a much more stable community, as to a community based around one topic of interest.

it's open

Build around the base of open and connected.

Everyone can free explore there preferred choice of content and free time usage.

Build around the base of Open is not being open to someone who does not want to be opened to, but the principle of being open in a space one can be open.

A simple explanation.

If someone views being open and free, as taking of there clothes and running it down the street.

Then this would be open to him, but not to the neighbor or people who watch him yeeting himself down the social rank he build himself up for.

For one there is the side of his expression of freedom.


ON the other side is the expression of the viewers freedom being able to deny seeing that freedom showcased.


And that is what you can describe as Arechnocadia Freedom. Being able to showcase something or to freely talk about or express something, which you otherwise where denied to do.

a Thought pattern/castle

Our community is based around making ones dream come true.

But did you ever thought about the principle of your dream, being able to help other dreams?

Or maybe you don't know about the Arechnocadia way?

A thought pattern to help someone keep a interest to a before boring topic by integrating it to a topic of interest.

Or just the thought of talking to someone who could help you come closer to your dream or help you achieve it, is already exciting enough.

All of them are a thought spoken out loud.

And many of those will follow.

To speak out your thoughts is to give them legs to walk on there own.

Many have those moments in, which they have a genius idea.

Only for it to flop, when they try it with there lacking skills or miss out on the basics and lose the motivation to go further.

All of this are things, which every Community supports to share your opinion on something your thoughts.

But all of this and more is what Arechnocadia tries to accomplish.

To help People get into a thought pattern trough which one can achieve there dream and learn from.

and more


The Community Arechnocadias bread and butter is simply said the roles.

They are the things which support the whole community and Arechnocadia itself.

Those Roles help keep all of it contained and simple to grasp.

Easily packed for everyone to take a part and still enjoy it whiteout being overwhelmed.

As many have tried joining something new only to be overwhelmed by the for knowledge one needs to have to complete involve themselves in it.

And on this these Roles are based on:

Community member (Just wants to be part of the community)

Spectator (likes to watch and support Arechnocadia)

Player (likes to take part in Arechnocadia itself)

Arachne (likes to contribute to Arechnocadia)

Gini (tries to use everything given to create there dream)

All of these Roles support the principle of one step at a Time.

Often one doesn't even need to become a Gini to create or accomplish there own dream.

Exclaimer: The Gini Role is based around those Dreams, which take a bunch of oneself to create. (Amazon) (Apple)

Take good care of yourself and enjoy our Community to your hearts content.

Don't forget to choose your Role and to create your Profile on our Discord Server.

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