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Daughter Companies

Meet the 5 Sisters
1. Community
2. History
3. Projects
4. Lore
5. Company

Arechnocadia Family

They are the 5 Daughters of Arechnocadia.

And to you they are your bigger Step Sisters

learned in the CHOIR Principle they guide you on your way

Company? (Faction)

Company Term stands for...

Galaxy (2).png

daughter Company

The Factions are daugther Companies of the non-profit Mothercompany.


They themselves are not non-profit and categorize on certain markets, as normal companies would do.

With Products to sell and profit to make.


Their Names are a Simulation of what they are internal:

1. its their internal Sturcture combined with their System

2. This Structure creates the environment of this Simulation.

3. Allowing for people who join that Factions, to gain the benefits of its simulation.


Now the inner working of it, is a complete representation of one of the CHOIR Principles.

This Representaion then becomes
the goal of:

1. the whole Company 

2. its Products/Platforms

3. Its environment.


Products (Tool Kit)


Almost every Product will guide you:

1. On your Project.

2. In your development

3. on learning a new skill

4. to understanding a principle

and so much more, because how the nickname tells you, it is always designed to be a tool used to bring your further.

Game Like System

Games are something very special, as they combine work with fun.

Creating Gameplay which allows you to:

1. see your progress

2. see ahead of where you are going

3. See how faar you can go.

This Gameplay loop is created by the Paths and their entry into the Arechnocadia Family.

Community interactive

Lets be real, Pewdiepy did it, most content Creators will do it,

As a Community has:

1. the biggest understanding.

2. knows their Product in and out

3. uses the product the most.

Allowing you to interact with a tools progress and development, is second nature to every tool maker.

And when it's finished it will become publicly available to everyone.

Arechnocadia and Dreams

Faction and your Journey

What allows Factions to help you on your Journey?

Premium System

Every Product or Tool set, will become after development publicly available.

Going then for a Permium System, inpired by the Pyramid System:

25% Founder Team

To make sure everything progresses fluently

25% Promoter

Allowing for collaboration and investments as Arechnocadia does.

50% Team

1. Cost of keeping it public

2. Cost of Premium Features

3. Profit going back to the Faction


The Ecosystem allows for all of this to feel like a giant game you are playing:


1. The Omniverse

A Story in which certain actions of yours will have impact in.

2. The World Wide Roleplay

Be your Role, show your worth.

3. The Arechnocadia Currency

A Currency used for in Family purchases.

All of this combined creates this feeling of understanding and familiarty, as you are now becoming a part of the game and aware of its Rules and Progress.

Simulation System

Is the hub of every action:

1. Products

2. Tool Kits

3. guides


But also ia completely Community Run Environment,


that means not only are you able to team up with different content creators and minds alike to progress on your Journey

But you are also able to grow with the:

1. Community 

2. Faction, 

3. skills and knowledge

it can provide.

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