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Arechnocadia vision

We are the ones who will take your hand and show you your future.

Our mission

Help you accomplish your dream.

Help you create your Dream.

Help you through teaching you.

Coaching you about the future of your dream.

Giving advice where it is needed.

We are giving our best to help you accomplish your dream.

Our Wish

We strive to give others the opportunity to make their dream a reality.

But to achieve something like this we need to become more.

So we inspire to grow into something worthy of our goal.

Be it by creating a platform for everybody to join.

Or by doing something inspiring enough.

to be considered reality changing,


What can you do?

Photos of general people, like you...


Lukas Ahlert

President & Head of Office Management

Arechnocadia gave me the Opportunity to meet people who have the same interest and goal as I have.


Lena Neumann

Chief Marketing Officer

Arechnocadia gave me Connections to people, in the same range of subjects as I am.


From People who need marketing advice or general somebody in this topic.

To People who no about it and can thereby give me some advice to problems I encountered.


Luisa Kempe

Chief Communications Officer

Arechnocadia gave me a chance, by seeing the worth in something I have not seen.

I never expected something so simple to be so vital. 


Tom Brauner

President & CEO

Arechnocadia gave me Information, about subjects which I wouldn't have found that easily alone.


Tarek Erkan

President & Chief Strategy Officer

Arechnocadia gave me resources I needed to make my dreams come true.

Now I'm the Chief of Strategy and have finally shown the worth I expected from myself.

I even gained some Money on the side and challenges which I didn't even consider to be a resource.


Patrick Reuschel

Chief Information Officer

Arechnocadia gave me a principle I use almost everyday.

It helped in stressful days, by taking things into consideration I would normally ignore or wont question.

I never expected something so simple to be so helpful.

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