Project Hub

A Hub for Projects

How to.

Join, our discord to get direct access to us. or wait for it to grow enough.


Not every Project can sustain itself, because of that it needs a guiding Hands.

That's Project Hub, a little space on which we hold Project Prototypes to see how they are.

If People start to like and support them, then they will get their own Platform.

This will also include a Team of People, which will solely focus on that Project.

Project Hub

To join Project Hub you either need to...

Have a Project Role

Every Project in its trial Phase has a Project Role to Start off.

Mostly it will be the writer's Role, but it can be anything to any Topic.

Every Project Role is free and is application based, this application will show if you have the skill to get the Role.

This Section will then slowly climb up till you reach the highest Point of the:


Arechnocadia Role Pyramid.

Have a Supporter Role

Everyone is able to Support Arechnocadia with supporter Roles, now those do not only support us, but also give access to different things.

Here they give access to the different Projects and their stages.

So you can Have Supporter Roles and Projects Roles interact, without the Supporter Roles to also have a Project Role.


Check out Supporter Roles.

be personally invited

Every Project needs a Start, so to give it some tests or to find more skilled people in that certain Section.

We at Arechnocadia have also decided on personal invites to certain People, because of their Skills.

Being Personally invited means that you do not need to apply for a Role and instead have an Interview with Arechnocadia and


the one who has invited you.


Now how do I join?

To Start of you either need to join...

the Discord Server

On our Discord Server, you can find a section called Projects, on which you can apply for different Projects and their Project Roles and therby start taking part in them if you want to.

If you found your Project you will find a Guide on how to apply and everything from there will be shown and guided.


On our Patreon Website you can choose which Supporter Role you want to get.

Choosing a Supporter Role will influence the standing of your Role in the Role pyramid and what you are allowed to do.

the Company "Projects"

On some occasions you can find an application form through which you can apply to different daughter Companies or the Arechnocadia Family.

Applying for a part in the Arechnocadia Family means many things, so you need to look out for what Role you are specifically applying for.

specific information

If you want to Support a certain Project and enable it to become its own thing with its own Platform then consider...

reccomending it

By simply getting the word out there of our Project and what it could help out and how much fun it is.

Will help us get the attention you think the Project deserves.

Helping us get more people's attention and thereby get more people to try and support the independence of the Project.

joining it

If you simply say you join a Project you yourself can show the potential of it.

Be it by playing it as a game and uploading it as a more freestyled experience or making it all professionale and going into it in a more Roleplay active case.

All is left to you, but what is not is the Future of this Project, but what will, will be the Future of your Story and Creation.


Supporting it

You can join a Project not just through the Skill based Roles, but also as a Supporting Role.

The Supporting Roles are one of the major factors deciding on the independence of the Project, as they directly fund it by joining and taking part in it, with a supporting Role.

So if you rly want to get it out there consider it, even watching as a Spectator will help it out a ton.