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Make your dreams come true.

for real Start now.

go on.

you can do it <3

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We are happy to help you out on your journey.

From an Idea, to a Concept, to a Project, to a Startup, ... 


A none profit Mothercompany.

Focusing on investing

in dreams, inspirations, ideas, thoughts, startups, principles, careers, freelancers and more. 

We can help you on your journey so you don't have to do it on your own.


There are 3 things:

1. Ecosystem

It allows for the overall mood and vibe of your environment.

2. Paths

They allow for a clear entrance/show
of your skill lvl.

3. Factions.

These allow growth and success in Paths.

How to Start?

We recommend the Guide on:

how to start

Quick step Overview:

1. Decide your Faction

2. Find your Skill LvL.

3. Decide your Path

4. Choose your Tool Set

5. Join the Family

Dreams and more are a investment of your Time
Choose wisely.

How does it work?

If something is underlined you can click on it.

Top left to our Name is the Menu.

Blue button is to be clicked for more Information.

This is a Wiki Site to Arechnocadia.

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about us

The Mothercompany Arechnocadia?

There are 3 Parts to us:

1. We are a none-profit Mothercompany/Passion Project/Vision

2. We provide a ecosystem to flourish

3. We have 5 Daughters able to help you on your Journey

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