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History with Arechnocadia

a way to fuel the dreamers in their dreaming.

How to.

Join, our discord to get direct access to us. or wait for it to grow enough.

with Arechnocadia?

History was never about Arechnocadia.

its focus was always about the History behind your Idea/Project/Concept.

What has already happened, who had a similar idea, does something like this already exist?

Through this Arechnocadia works with you.

The cycle of Company.Company

There are 3 Factors you need to consider.


The Diary focuses on:

1. Arechnocadia.

2. Arechnocadia Creations

3. Everything in the Arechnocadia Family

4. 5 Daughter Companies (Factions)

This allows for everyone:

1. to see what Arechnocadia knows and

   has done.

2. the chance to reference it or be

    inspired by it.

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks focuses on

1. Tricks and tips we can share

2. every Tip and Trick we used

3. every Tip and Trick in development

This allows for everyone:

1. to be able to educate Themselves.

2. to combine it with Tips and tricks.

3. to learn about every Subject in the

    Arechnocadia Family.


Is the Arechnocadia Family not enough?

Do you need:

1. People deep in the Subject

2. explainations to your subject

3. Interviews arround your Subject


Then look no further then collabs:

1. Allowing for Professionals to explain

2. using Familiar Terms confimred by

    Proffesionals in the subject.


How does it all work Together?

This cycle of the 3 Factors combining with each other.


Diary alllows for a:

1. a view into the Arechnocadia Family.

2. How we came to cerain ideas

3. What our thoughts are

4. How we improved

This allows everyone to see the past of the Arechnocadia Family

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks allows for a focus on the present with:

1. Things you can do right now

2. Tricks you can use right now

3. past advices which still hold true

Here the focus lies on the Present.

With a focus on what already happened and what people are doing now.


Collabs allows for outside perspectives:

1. using familiar terms combined with

   proffesional terms.

2. giving outside view with inside critic

3. combining past, present and

    possible Future


Think of short animated explanation videos using Lore to explain it in a fun, entertaining and educational way.

specific information

The Future plans of:

History with Arechnocadia


The Demo version will be focusing on the bare minimum.

This will not have a professional take build for the YouTube algorithm.

Instead focusing more on the Community, with highlights and more.

The demo will slowly grow, but will always hold the basics behind the 3 Factors

For those interested you can find it everywhere on our Discord Server under the History Section.

Full version

There is a full version of it can be found on our Patreon and our YouTube Channel.

The Patreon version is only available to people having the Supporter Roles.

While the YouTube Channel is open to everyone. Enabling everyone the chance to see YouTube "Ok" videos.

Both Patreon and YouTube have the same content, just with different approaches, as YouTube doesn't allow certain things, which we then will upload on Patreon.

Patreon access is given to everyone who has any Patreon Supporter Roles.

Digital Media Company?

Now because we do not want it to be just a version on our YouTube, we decided on a more professional take.

Introducing the First Product of the Digital Media Company "History".

The Platform is called History_with_Arechnocadia

Its' a Website which in perfect detail replicates the Idea behind this Introduction.

With a functional media Platform and a more based Algorithm based around the Arechnocadia Family.

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