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a way to fuel the dreamers in their dreaming.

How to.

Join, our discord to get direct access to us. or wait for it to grow enough.

daughter Company?

A daughter Company of Arechnocadia is a essential part of the Arechnocadia Family.

The Arechnocadia Daughters are those who are working for 1 Principle and often times help you out on them.

They are a Company with Product tailored for that Principle and what you could need help in.

The cycle of CompanyCompany

There are 3 Factors you need to consider.


The teacher Role;

1. A Teacher can be almost anyone.

2. A base on which others learn from.

3. something obvious or easy for you

   not others.

4. Sharing your thoughts and ideas to

    others to compare or learn from.

The simple principle here:

1. YouTube Principle

2. Quality Principle

There will always be a person who learns, from someone else.


The Student Role.

1. available to everyone

2.  you learn, as nobody ever stops learning

3. learn about new topics.

4. Educate yourself about subjects.

5. Go deeper into Subjects.

Ther Principle here:

1. Principle of research and education.

2. Teachers teach, while students adopt

    these teachings making them their own.

3. Customers buy from students, creating

    a large choosing ground for Customers.

4. Challenge Students with opportunities

     to perfect their crafts.


The customer Role:

1. Someone who wants something

2. Does not want to learn the topic.

The Principle here:

1. Everytime someone wants

    something. They take on

    the role of a Customer.

2. Essential basis of resources and

    opportunities for many.

3. Encourages student to learn adapt

    and overcome.

4.  helps teachers, by showing how their

     teachings are used.


How does it all work around?

This cycle is self working.

It can go infinitely without any intake from us.


It's a cycle of infinite scaling, as all factors boost each other.


To secure everything:

1.  a certificate of their knowledge.

2. ​A profile of their work.

3. ​A test to show their achievements. 

4. ​Freedom of their workings.

Knowledge of no staple role, as they can be ever exchangeable or switched.

And many more as it grows.


To certify one's knowledge and achievements:

1. unique knowledge 

2.  show your knowledge

3. apply for a Category or subcategory.

4. refine existing knowledge.

A test in which you can show your achievements in that topic.

Getting certified and this will also show on your Profile.


The essential things behind every output:

1. A Platform from which one can be

   teached and teach to others.

2. Where one can learn new topics

3. get certified in their work.

4. search for work

5. where one can be found

6. where one can polishe their work.

specific information

The Future plans of our vision.

There is a demo on our Community channel. (role only)

And the full version will be a website for everyone


The demo version is available to everyone. To test it out you will have to become a Community member.

There on our Community Server you find a little section dedicated to the Company. 

The demo is supposed to only show the basic idea behind the concept. So do not expect it to change.

For those interested you can find it on our Discord Server.

Full version

There is a full version of it on our Project Hub Server.

It's only available to people having the Supporter Roles or to those who have the Project Roles in response to the Role Pyramid.

On it you can see a more worked on approach of Lore Hub and how we worked it into a functional Beta version on our Discord Server.

Outsourcing Company?

Now because we do not want it to be just a Beta version on our Project Hub Server, we decided on a more professional take.

Introducing the First Product of the Outsourcing Company "Company".

The Platform is called CompanyCompany.

Its' a Website which in perfect detail replicates the Idea behind this Introduction.

With a functional certificate, Job application, job post and Profile Search, it will give everyone the chance to work and learn for free. 

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