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How to Start?

a simple guide on how to start


How to Start.



join it or just watch?

If you join Arechnocadia:

You need to decide what you want to Join?

1. The Community. (Discord)

2. The Projects. (Discord/Roles)

3. The Company. (Roles)

4. Arechnocadia Itself (Roles

If you want to watch Arechnocadia:

Then you need to decide what you want to watch?

1. Community efforts (Discord)

2. Finished Projects (Discord)

3. Arechnocadia accomplishments (Discord)

Not quite sure? Check out Step 3.


To take part in Discord.

You first need to join our Discord. We recommend checking out what Discord is and how is it used.

If you join the Discord Server and accept the Rules, you then Officialy become a Community Member. Gaining access to most Watch based action. 

In our Discord Channel you can also apply to specific Arechnocadia Roles, trough which you can take part in Projects.


Choose what you want to do!

If you want to join our community, then check out our Discord Server.

If you want to take part in the Projects, then check out: Projects | Arechnocadia

For more Information on joining Arechnocadia and its roles check out: 

Which Role to choose? | Arechnocadia

Just want to know what you can do?

Check out Step 2.


Not sure?

Not to worry.

An indecision is expected.

For a good decision you first need to know what Roles or Discord even means.

Role: Are given to People who support Arechnocadia or join it Officialy.

(Some Roles are Support based so cost something and others are given, after a application.)

Discord: Is the Community Platform and hub from Arechnocadia to everything that needs to be known or updated about.



You can watch our Projects and more by checking out our Platforms.

You can also Join Arechnocadia by choosing one of these roles.


Officiale Arechnocadia Platforms