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How to Start?

a simple guide on how to start
on your own Adventure.


How to Start your own Adventure in Arechnocadia a guide created by Arechnocadia supported by the CHOIR Principle.

2 Step

Now Decide your Path either by:

1. checking out our little lvl Guide on the right, 

    which is based around the Role Pyramid

2. Or by directly choosing one of the 2 Paths

Project path:

Allows you to work from the bottom up, giving you the chance to start from the basis and slowly climb your lvls up.

Supporter path:

Allows you to skip to your chosen skill lvl, by supporting us monthly trough a payed subsribtion for your Role/Skill Lvl. 

On this path, you are able to:

1. gain access to extra features

2. Support us and other creators.

3. Invest in Projects/Creators you enjoy


You found your Path? Then check out Step 3


Decide your Role Skill Level:

LvL.  1 "just Watching"





Spectator Crown.png


1 Step

To Start, decide your Faction based on the thing deemed important or simply lack knowledge in.

There are 5 Factions each based on one Letter of the CHOIR Principle.

(Connection, History, Opportunity, Information Resources.)

By Deciding a Faction you decide your main Focus, you do not need to decide on only 1.

Instead you can have as many Factions as you want, as long as you know your favorite.

Decided, check out Step 2.




helps you make meaningfull connection

Decide your Starting Toolset.

Every Adventure Starts with a Choice, becuase this is real Life you are able to choose multiple.

There are 5 sets of tools each handled by 1 Faction. These grow in function based on your current skill lvl.

Tool Set Versions:

Try out version access: (lvl 1)

Becoming a Part of the Arechnocadia Family.

Beta Version access: (lvl 2+)

By either going the Project or Supporter path.

Full Version access: (Public)

Public Tool Set, after the funding goal is achieved.



Tool set


Officiale Arechnocadia Platforms

YouTube Channel

Project path

Supporter Path

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