How to Start?

a simple guide on how to start


How to Start.

Angestellte bei der Arbeit


join it or just watch?

If you join Arechnocadia:

You gain access to more Information, through our community . Or you support us trough one of the roles and gain access to more stuff.

If you just want to watch:

Then you can still enjoy the finished Projects or even become a member of Arechnocadia, by joining our community.


As a plus, being a member is free.

The Project roles are Tutor and Support based so they are not free.


Taking Part.

To take part.

You need to choose a role trough which you want to support us.

Joining Arechnocadia as a role will support us and help us create and manage our Projects.

Taking part is support based, so first check out what supporting our Projects rly means.


Choose what you want to do!

If you want to join our community, then check out our Discord.

If you want to take part in the Projects, then check out our Open Projects.

For more Information on the Support Roles and which to choose check out: 

"How to choose?".

Still no Idea. No worry just check out our other steps.


Not sure?

Not to worry.

An indecision is expected.

To decide you first need to ask yourself if you want to take part in the action (becoming part of a project) or just want to watch the show, by following our projects or by joining the community.

Still not sure check out step 4.



You can watch our Projects for free by checking out our official Platforms.

Or you can support us by choosing one of these roles.


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