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How to Start?

a simple guide on how to start
with Arechnocadia.
Where it goes
What it does


How to Start.


Choose what you want to do!

Are you lacking in meaningful connections?

Community | Arechnocadia

Do you want to have opportunities, to show off your skills and what you can do?

Projects | Arechnocadia

Do you want to have more resources to accomplish that Project/Dream?

Company | Arechnocadia


Or are you more interested in finding inspiration and Motivation for your own work?

Lore | Arechnocadia


Maybe you are you missing in expierence in certain subjects and need media to educate yourself more about them?

History | Arechnocadia


Not sure?

Not to worry.

An indecision is expected.

For a good decision you first need to know what you really want?

The 3 Steps of taking part:

Step 1: (dipping in a toe)

You can watch official releases of Arechnocadia and see where things are going.

Step 2: (having the legs in)

You can Join the Discord Server and get news and updates live on their releases + extra content.

Step 3: (complete dive into the water)

You could Join one of the 5 daughter companies, by taking on one of the Roles of Arechnocadia and see if they can help you out.

Enjoy yourself


Dont forget to check out our free official releases.

You can also join the 5 daughter Companies by choosing one of the Support based roles.

They come with pay to win features and have a free access pass to any Project/Product

on Project Hub.



join it or just watch?

You can Join any of the 5 Companies by:

1. Becoming a Community Member

2. Applying for a Project (Project Role)

   Or by becoming a supporter.

If you just want to watch and not participate.

You also have the choices off:

Joining the Discord Server, which has Updates and announcments. 

Or choosing the spectator Role, which enables you to spectate certain sections restricted to others.

Also to conidere would be the 

official Releases.


Discord is the hub to everything Arechnocadia related.

You want to apply for a free Role based on skills?

You want to get updates on everything on Arechnocadia.

You want to join the Community and get free access to Beta version of the Company Products like: the Company "Community"?

Or do you just want to brag about your awesome Project and discuss it with People who are on the same page?

Then our Discord Server is perfect for you, with a sleek design, it fits with any need and desire you could have.


Officiale Arechnocadia Mothercompany Platforms