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Community Room

a place to make meaningful connections

How to.

Join, our discord to get direct access to us. or wait for it to grow enough.


Why Rooms?

A Community is simply a meetup of like minded People.

Composed of chosen Individuals.

Combined with Privacy, in this place we call the Internet.

It somehow becomes something unique.

Something some may call Home.

Community Room

There are 3 Factors you need to consider.

Private Chat Rooms

The thought would be to have a private Chat room.

Separated from everyone, in which you are able to do your own things and don't need to rely on others to do stuff for you.

Just how you meet up in a big room, find some people to talk to and end up taking them into a private room, in which things can be discussed in peace.

Custom Features

Every room is created by a Community Member, those who created the Room take full ownership of it.

Thereby getting the ability to customize it however they like it.

From changing the Room, little Details and extras.

To add new things needed for a purpose or just for fun. 

Community Independence

These 2 Factors allow the Community to be more independent.

Able to act outside of the Community creator.

By being able to create their own Rooms, they don't need to meet up in a pre-purposed room.

By being able to add custom Features it allows them to customize their Rooms to their own liking.

Not needing someone else's input and thereby being able to act on their own.


How does it all work?

What's so special about it?

Private Chat Room

Everyone knows Chat rooms, one of the most common things on the Internet.

Private Chat Rooms are just that, but private only seeabl to its creators and its participants (the people the Creator invited into the Room.)

This is the First step of independence:

Privacy, from having your own Room,

To be able to own a Room.

To just have the ability to act on your own.

Custom Features

Custom Features, just like the name says, allows you to add custom features to your Blank Room.

Allowing someone to add their own flare to their Rooms and also giving the chance for people to reflect themselves in their Creations.

This is the Second step of independence:

Being able to customize the things you own to your own liking. 

Community Independence

All this combines into a independence of your Community or for yourself.

Which is not seen anywhere, most often one needs to rely on choosen People to do your bidding, in which you often times dont have any say in.

But in a Community Room you gain the ability to act on your own and do stuff how you like them, while it still being in the Community and therby under its Rules.

specific information

The Future plans of our Community Rooms.

There is a demo on our Community channel. (role only)

And the full version will be a website for everyone


The demo version is the ability to let yourself be contacted by someone or talk in certain segments about some topics.


This Demo allows independence of the Community, without the Features of automation and letting yourself decide the customisation as you are only able to invite people privatly and therby need to decide on your own Room to discuss.

The demo Features will slowly grow, but will always hold the basics of the 3 Factors.

For those intersted you can find it on our Discord Server under the Community Section.

Full version

There is a full version of it on our Project Hub Server.

It's only available to people having the Supporter Roles or to those who have the Project Roles.

On it you will find our Discord bot called Community Rooms.

It will be available to the Public soon and has the complete Version of everything to the 3 Factors in it.

The Bot access will be limited to certain Supporter Roles to limit the ammount of Rooms being created, but Supporter Roles can be applied for therby everyone is able to use them. 

Company "Community"?

Now because we do not want it to be just a bot on our Discord Server, we decided on a more professional take.

Introducing the First Product of the Company "Community".

The Platform is called 

Community Rooms.

Its' a Website which in perfect detail replicates the Idea behind this Introduction.

With a functional unlimted option of creating rooms, which have the features of Discord/Teams/Zoom/Skype/Teamspeak and more combined with the 3 Factors

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