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Lore Hub

Find your Hub of inspiration and ideas

How to.


As an Archive Company, Lore needs a space in which it can archive most of its Information and Data.

That is Lore Hub, a space in which most and almost everything to Lore is Archived, to any Story and Product of the Family Arechnocadia

To Any Project and their participants Work.

Lore Hub

There are 3 Factors you need to consider.

Inspiration Library

Online Library open to everyone.​​

This Library includes:

1. Lore

2. Creations from the Arechnocadia Family

This Libary is there to inspire and help.

Take something you Love and make your unique out of it. 

Example Quotes:

"Inspiration is a key factor for innovation and progress."​

"Most things are created with inspiration from something already existing."

Interactive Archive

The Interactive Archive:

1. A Focus on archiving and making

   them also interactable.

2. Built to house products and Projects

    + Lore

3. focusing on a state of being still usable



the way back machine in which one can visit old Websites and still use them.

Making most of the things we archive, still usable Material for inspiration and after asking for Projects. 


There are stages of progression one can make in their Paths.

These Official Path Stages are called:

1. Watching: (Spectator/Community)

2. Character: (Player/writer)

3. Group/Faction: (Solo/Arachne/Creator)

4. World: (Gini/Interactive Creator)

5. Universe: (Whale/Official Creator)

6. Multiverse: (Member/Staff)

7. ARG: (Lore)

8. Omniverse: (Mastermind)

The Stages show your access to Lore.


How does it all work around?

This cycle is selfworking.

It can go infinitely with out any intake from us.


Its a cycle of infinite scaling, as all factors boost each other.

Inspiration Library

Everyone is able to look up any Project, Idea and work created

gaining the ability of:

1. seeing everything for Free

This creates the first step:

Inspiration and creativity of future members or the chance of people who use it to inspire new People.

Interactive Archive

Everyone is able to interact with Projects, Ideas and concepts.

Allowing everyone;

1. To be part of this Omniverse.

2. Create a Community able to change

    the Future of Arechnocadia.

3. Create your own tale in the Omniverse.

This Starts Setp 2 "gift giving loop":

Taking action and actually expierencing what it has to offer.


Everyone is able to write down their Project, Idea and concepts.

Create a:

1. Blank Paper shared by many.

2. Canvas for any kind of Idea.

3. Story only limited by the Paper

    itself, which is our Omniverse.

The last step:

actualising your idea and giving it form.

specific information

The Future plans of our Lore Hub.

There is a demo on our Community channel. (role only)

And the full version will be a website for everyone


The demo version is available to everyone. To test it out you will have to become a Community member.

On our Community Server you find a little section dedicated to Lore. 

The demo is supposed to only show the basic idea behind the concept. So do not expect it to change.

For those interested  you can find it on our Discord Server.

Full version

There is a full version of it on our Project Hub Server.

It's only available to people having the Supporter Roles or to those who have the Project Roles in response to the Role Pyramid.

On Project Hub you can see a more worked on approach of Lore Hub and how we worked it into a functional Beta version.

Archiving Company?

Now because we do not want it to be just a Beta version on our Project Hub Server, we decided on a more professional take.

Introducing the First Product of the Archiving Company "Lore".

The Platform is called Lore Hub.

Its a Website which in perfect detail replicates the Idea behind this Introduction.

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