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Image by Cytonn Photography


Resource principle


We help you build your Idea/Startup/Project


We are the Faction called "Company"


Our focus lies on helping you get Resources needed for your task.

We are also a daughter Company of Arechnocadia


thereby are integrated into the

Arechnocadia Ecosystem.


Trough the

Simulation System

The Simulation focuses on the Company Name:


That menas it simulates a Company Environment.

The System focuses on the CHOIR Principles

here it represents

How do I start?

To Start we recommend checking out:

How to Start

Current Selection:

1. CompanyCompany



Check out the Trial versions on our Discord Server.

about us


There are 3 Parts to us:

1. We give Resources

2. We create a hub of open minded people.

3. Luck is still needed  as not everything is 100% certain.

For some inspiration here are some old deep dive into my thoughts to
our mission | Arechnocadia

Image by Verne Ho


Our Motto:
"To help in getting Resources needed to accomplish anything."

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