Project Book

an easy way to start, for everyone.
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How to.

Join, our discord to get direct access to us. or wait for it to grow enough.

Why a Book?

Arechnocadia has chosen a Book format for its first Project. As it specifically targets everyone.

Because everybody can read and write. 

thereby everybody can take part in the Project.

What so special about this Project?

There are 3 Factors you need to consider.

Its based on the


Arechnocadia Lore

The complete Project will be based around the Arechnocadia Lore.

The special thing about Arechnocadia Lore is that its adaptable to every story element.

That it has an inbuild community engage tool.

That the story elements are sharable between different stories.

And that it is connected, meaning that Arechnocadia Lore will be used in every Project. 

Creating a connection between different Project and concepts, thereby linking every story, game and project to one core background.

Creating a interactive environment for every concept and Project.

Its a progressiv story

A Progressive Story by Kathryin Apel:

"A progressive story is a story that is written as it's passed from author to author – without collaboration during the writing process. Progressive stories are a lot of fun – because your co-authors take the story places you may not have anticipated."

This is a short explanation from the first Website I found it from and it explains the concept quite well.

Some core concept everybody should take from this.

Every decision matters.

Be it from the past. A little joke you have written or a decision the main character has done.

Be it the Story you write right now, in consideration with the other person.

Or be it the future consequences your story link up too

Its Time specific

Before we established that The Project will be specific. Meaning that all stories will take in the same universe.

But trough time specific they will also take part in the same timeline.

Meaning that all character from the different Books will be happening at the same time in every book.

To Explain it a little bit easier.

Imagine somebody opening up the box of Pandoria, thereby unleashing the apocalypse to the world.

Now imagine somebody else on the other side of the planet calmly drinking his tea. Until out of nowhere everything around him shakes.

2 Different people with 2 different stories interacting with each other not directly but purely trough consequences and action.

How do you take part in this?

I'm sorry to Inform you. The Roles which take part in this Story are limited.

But watching or enjoying the Project will be completely free and easy.

There are 3 Roles which can Interact in this Project


A writier is able to take part in the Project as a simple writer.

The writers ability is having a broader lense over the Project itself


As they don't have any limitation set upon them, as only the already set limits of the Arechnocadia Omniverse apply.

So they are free to create anything they like, as long as it is under the laws of the Omiverse.

And as we speak of it the laws are quite open. More a suggestion then a real guidline. 


As a player you are able to interact with the Project, by playing in the universe of Arechnocadia.

think of it like D&D where one creates a world or a story and the players can interact with it.

Here the DM is the Arachne which will create Worlds and storyies based on the Arechnocadia lore. 

As a player you gain access which most spectators only gain access too much later.


As an Arachne you take part as a creator of worlds and stories.


By either watching over a player or by

creating your own interesting Story.

Being an Arachne you gain access to most of the Information you need to start creating your World.

Writing or creation advice are added on our discord. 

Gain experience in creating something interesting.

Arechnocadia Book specific Information

As you join the Project, you will learn that being a character is more than meets the eye.


Seen by our Lore intro to the Roles.

writer (intro)

Spectators are Ghosts born out of nothingness.


Searching Planets after Planes for the one Story that interests them.

They often don't interact with their Story, as they are purely contend to enjoying it.

But its often seen some of work strange magic mosty helping their entertainment or dooming it.

They are a weird bunch.


But so would you be if you couldn't interact with anything around you.

Player (intro)

Players are ... things you could call them.


They show up out of nowhere and try to rule the world so it says.


But often they experience the hardness of their decision in ways never seen before.


Trying to walk the path of something more than just a puppet, but an living breathing thing.


So they walk around searching for their destiny.

Arachne (intro)

The Arachne is a weird species. Living in the universel web. Bored out of its mind.


So to relief that boredom, it sometimes intervenes in storys or worlds. To create something interesting for it to watch.

Arachne under the order of Arechnocadia a special bunch under the arachne specie.

More active and thoughtful.


Creating a story for more than just entertainment.

As they watch their creation with passionate eyes grow up.