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Project Book

an easy way to publish your book.

How to.

Join, our discord to get direct access to us. or wait for it to grow enough.

Project Book?

Project Book is the first in its series and focuses on the publishing and writing of Books in a fun and interactive way.

What so special about Project Book?

Publishing Guide

It's a step by step guide, helping your publish through Project book:

1. It teaches you how.

2. It helps you create content

3. It guids you playfully

4. Focusing on having fun


Thoughts to the Publishing Guide

Game Like System

The Game Like System allows you to:

1. enter with your skills

2. breach your limits by improving                  and showing off your skills.

3. It allows you to have fun, while still          improving and progressing.


Thoughts to the Game Like System

Community Interactive

A Combination of the guide and the System.

1. allows you to interact with others

2. Create new things

3. work together

4. play a game, while publishing it


Thoughts to Community Interactive

Difference between Paths.



There are 3 Rules in Project book


Step 0: watching

LvL.  1 "just Watching"





Spectator Crown.png


You are able to watch the end product.

It's Time specific

All Creations and Stories, will happen at the same Time.

1. easter eggs, between stories

2. interaction between worlds

3. Interaction between Universes

You are only allowed to write 1 day of your Story every Week. 

So use the time to interact with your fellow participants. 


Thoughts to it being Time specific

it's part of "Lore"

Everything published or created under or through the Arechnocadia Family, becomes a part of "Lore".

1. Everything you write and publish needs to be available to the public 

2. The Rights of it are yours

3. We do not own the Story

But we require a mark which says that it has been a part of this Project or created with the help of the Arechnocadia Family.


Thoughts to it being part of Lore


How the Copyright works in the Arechnocadia Family:

1. the work of others can be used as
    inspiration or as easater eggs.

2. if you mention something ask the 
first, or see if the Person allows it.

3. don't do stuff behind someones back

4. be open and talkative about your work.


Being open about your work is a good start into the Project.


Thoughts to the Copyright

specific Information

The Future of Project Book.


There is a Demo available to everyone who wants to take part in it.

To apply for the Demo you need to join our Discord Server and look for the Project Book Section under the Project Section.

There you can read up on the Rules for the Demo and also apply for the writer Role, which gives you access to the Demo of project Book.

The Complete progress of applying and what will happen is in detail on our Discord Server explained.

Full version

The Full version of Project Book is found on Project Hub.

The Demo allows you only to Apply for the Project Roles and after getting it you gain access to the Project hub Server on which Project Book is currently.

You can also gain access to Project Book over the Supporter Roles.

On our Project hub Server you will find Project book supported by the Community Rooms, to allow you to work on your own, while also enabling you to build with Lore Hub currently stationed on Project Hub.

Publishing Company?

This Project is under the Publishing Company "Project", while also being a Project hosted on Project Hub.

This will tell you 2 things:

1. It is a Publishing Guide, while also being a product. Making its future to be more refined, then a simple game could be. Coming in the Range of D&D DM Guide.

2. It's a Project on Project Hub, which tells you that it is currently waiting for a big enough audience to gain its own Platform.

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